RhinoHide “TOUGH” Tractor - Mower Canopies

RhinoHide “TOUGH” canopies provides comfort & safety  while you are working outside in the heat & sun. Lowering your temperature, providing safety from heat stroke and skin cancer.  Its the “last”canopy you will ever have to buy BECAUSE:


Made from high density HDPE its practically  indestructible.

Its UNIVERSAL design will fit virtually any ROPS with legs upto   2¼ x 4 “x 43” wide, at any lean angle, thus you can mount it on your next machine.

Can install above or below the ROPS top.

Can trailer if installed level.

Product Information

Color: Black, no paint to scratch,  chip or fade.

Size: 37”wide x 45”long.

Weight: 33#

Cost: Two models (stationary) $229.00  EASY OFF/ON $265.00

Shipping: $40.00 ea. both models

RhinoHide Model Stationary     $269 includes shipping

RhinoHide Model Easy OFF/ON   $305 Includes shipping

Backhoe KIT $50 Treat as separate order but ships  with Easy model

Got it installed over 2 months ago on my Bigdog mower and finally got around to getting a few pictures.  Works great, heavy duty for sure.  I mow 5 to 10 acres a week and its former timber company land (pine) that has stump holes constantly opening up and everything takes a severe beating as new holes are opening up and old ones settling more.  Working on a secure heavy duty way to attach a wide angle rear view mirror and hanger for my grabber because everything made of lightweight stuff so far has broken or come loose but not the rhino canopy.  Looks like I’m going to be forced to put some holes and bolts through the metal frame to hold my additions . Thanks Bill.  

Recent User REVIEWS

Hello Don......got the canopy installed this morning....and I am very pleased!!  Decided to mount it lower for garage door clearance and I figure, the lower, the better the sun protection.  Surprisingly.....even this height absolutely does not impact mounting or dismounting the tractor at all! I was surprised.  I had wanted a color coordinated top.....but the black RhinoHide looks super nice.....and I'm picky!  Thanks for a great, TOUGH, product!!  David L  Fort Defiance, Virginia


Here is a picture of the canopy on my Grasshopper mower. The install was easy thanks to the clear directions. The EASY ON  & OFF feature is exactly as you described and what I was looking for. Overall great quality, thank you. George

Installation was simple and straightforward, took about 30 doing it by myself. What a difference it makes, mowed during the heat of the day with out any problems.

I was worried about one area with a lot of tree limbs, it actually made it easier, it allowed the branches to slide up over the top instead of slapping me in the face. This is one tough product. Great product, good price, great people to deal with.

Darrell B. Jacksonville, AL

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Hi Don,

I took advantage of a rainy day to install my new canopy. Installation was easy and I like the final results. Since this is the second canopy from you I knew how I wanted it mounted, I learned that mounting them low keeps them in my field of view so I don’t forget to watch for clearance. Your product and service are great, I ordered on Thursday afternoon, you shipped on Friday and FedEx delivered before noon on Tuesday! Can’t beat that! Thanks for a quality product. Mike H

Ferris Zero Turn

With EASY OFF Option


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